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HATS Members Support SeAM

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Southeast Area Ministries (SeAM) is a vital provider of emergency assistance in the Southeast Area of Houston. When HATS eats a meal, we pass the hat to collect donations for those less fortunate.

In 2013, HATS collected and donated $825 to SeAM, which will purchase $6,400 worth of food from the Houston Food Bank.

 100 % + goal 2014

Total donated Year to date  Dec..2014

= $ 1,051.0  = Food from food Bank

8 for 1= $8,408.00       FOOD

The goal for 2014 donations to SeAM is $1,000;  plus many toys which are collected and donated during the holidays.

Check here periodically to see our progress.

100% of the money collected for SeAM,  goes to SeAM.


HATS Supports Firefighters



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